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The place Fürstlich Drehna

Fürstlich Drehna was mentioned for the first time on 3 August 1301. During his pastoral history there were the following place names:

  • 1489 Drenow
  • 1570 Drehno
  • 1696 Drähnr
  • Wendisch Drenow, i. Hardwood, belonging to Cornelian cherry.

The location was designed as follows:

  • Market stains with stately castle
  • the market square is located on two intersecting streets
  • than Straßendorf
  • originally as an abatement – still preserved today


The place was knightly seat of the lineage of Drauschwitz, Maltitz and Minckwitz (1521 – 1697). Since 1663 a seat of the town – so Drehna was one of the younger ones in the Niederlausitz. Gradually, the village developed into a market spot, but remained an administrative municipality.

Prince Drehna received a special boost from the last three families, Count zu Promnitz (1697 – 1793), Count zu Lynar (1793 – 1877), who was elevated to the princely state in 1807, hence also the place name Fürstlich Drehna (around 1860) and a rich one Shipowner and merchant from Bremen, Christian Heinrich Wätjen.

In the village you will find the historical guesthouse “Zum Hirsch” with a historical theater in the shape of a ship’s hull and the Schlossbrauerei Fürstlich Drehna, which has existed since 1745.

Prince Drehna was renamed Drehna on 1 July 1950. The name was renamed to ‘Fürstlich Drehna’ on 1 January 1991.