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Our hotel

Welcome to the 4 star Schlosshotel Fürstlich Drehna and your dream holiday, which is also a trip into the past.

A real experience is already the access road, past 2 impressive deer sculptures, through an alley to the Lindenplatz, from where a free view of the 500 year old castle surrounded by a moat.

With great attention to detail, it has managed to capture the unique character of this historical place and to combine exclusive luxury with historical charm and modern ambience.

The chapel, integrated into the chateau, has space for about 30 people and is the official site of the Luckau registry office.

Guests of the Schlosshotels Fürstlich Drehna can use the indoor pool with countercurrent system and the sauna free of charge. These facilities are all in the house and can of course also be used by the guests of the castle.

Also in the office building are the rooms for massages and cosmetic treatments.

The Schlossgarten, with its intricate paths, offers a restful place to relax and unwind.

The small and large water areas invite to interesting observations of the local fauna.