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The origins of the castle site date back to a Slavic Castle. In 1521 the lords of Minckwitz took over the rule of Drehna. They rebuilt the castle after the middle of the century, fortified it with three defensive towers and had the moat moored. In 1697, the family of Promnitz bought the estate, which resulted in a lively building activity. The Baroque west side, which is still preserved today, faces the park. Since 1807, when the then owner of the castle Moritz Count Lynar was raised to the princely state, the place and the castle are called Fürstlich Drehna. In 1877 the rule passed over to the Bremen shipowner family Wätjen.

Two generations completed and modified the interior of the castle. After the Second World War, the castle was expropriated and used as a youth center in GDR times. Today the castle and the landscape park of Brandenburgische Schlösser GmbH are owned by travdo Hotels & Resorts GmbH.

Schloss Fürstlich Drehna is the center of an outstanding ensemble with a lime pit, a farm, an office, a nursery and a brewery. On the remains of a medieval predecessor building, the castle was extended and rebuilt again and again until the late 19th century. The various components give the plant its unique appeal. The 52 ha large landscape park with its rare trees stands among the most attractive in Brandenburg.