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Pure care

moisturizing – nourishing – relaxing

A soothing care with aloe vera for your skin and a short time out for you.

Duration approx. 35 minutes, 34.50 € p.P.

Vitamin Power

refreshing – fruity – vitalizing

Your skin becomes visibly firmer, vital and small lines are balanced.

Treat yourself and your skin with vitamin C.

Duration approx. 60 minutes, 49.50 € p.P.

Steaming & Cleansing

to the “pure care” & “vitamin power”

Duration approx. 30 minutes, 14.50 € p.P.

Sensiplus regeneration

soothing – balancing – protective

Give your sensitive skin protection, smoothing and care.

It reduces redness and gives your face a natural protection

before environmental influences. (including light cleaning)

Duration approx. 90 minutes, 69.00 € p.P.

Hyaluronic-Fresh *

– the waterworks for your skin –

Give your skin a rosy and well-groomed skin feel.

Treat yourself to an intensive, firming and revitalizing treatment

with hyaluronic acid of the third dimension. (including light cleaning)

Duration approx. 90 minutes, 69.00 € p.P.

Golden Skin – Energy *

luxurious – elegant – elegant

Intensive regeneration, a firm and smooth fabric and a radiant, fresh skin.

Pamper yourself with the pure luxury of gold and caviar and treat yourself

a relaxing time for body, mind and soul. (including light cleaning)

Duration approx. 100 minutes, 79.00 € p.P.

Full body sea salt exfoliation

This special peeling purifies and detoxifies your body gently and gently. The metabolism is stimulated and you feel the freshness, the new energy that is set free. This treatment is rounded off with a saunag.

Duration approx. 60 minutes, 59,00 € p.P.


Make up for the day 20 min

19,00 €

Make up for the evening 30 min

25,00 €

Eyebrow tint, including shaping

8,50 €

dye eyelashes

6,00 €

Beautiful hands and feet

Manicure: Classical Hand and nail peeling, nail care, polish and massage 35 min

29,00 €

Manicure: Luxury Hand and nail peeling, nail care, hand mask, care lacquer & massage 45 min

39,00 €

Pedicure Foot bath, foot peeling, nail treatment, skin care & massage 35 min

29,00 €

Cosmetic foot care Foot bath, peeling, corneal removal, nail treatment, skin care & massage 45 min

49,00 €

Painting the nails Hands or feet, in three layers (under, color and top coat) jeweils

15,00 €

For your information:

  • Please let us know your wishes for beauty and wellness appointments before your arrival. The exact dates of your wellbeing are then given at check-in.
  • Please be punctual to the applications, delays will be reduced by your spoiling minutes, in order to be able to meet connection dates. The spoiling minutes always include the rest periods.
  • If you can not make your appointment, a cancellation up to 24 hours before is free. Otherwise, we charge 80% of the price of the booked service.
  • Phone: 049 (0) 35324-3030
  • Services with a * are not allowed for the package: “Wellness-Wish-concert”!